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Standard Cells, Hellma®

Inside width 9.5 mm, base thickness 1.5 mm

3in1 Allquartz Flowthrough Cell, Hellma®

The all-quartz flow-through cuvette with two optical path lengths is used as a high-precision cuvette in spectroscopic analysis. The innovative internal thread in the quartz glass allows for simple and safe attachment of the tubes. The cuvette is sui...

Cleaning Concentrate Hellmanex® III, Hellma®

Highly effective alkaline concentrate for cleaning glass and quartz glass cuvettes and other sensitive optical parts. Significant reduction of surface tensionExcellent rinsing propertiesUse of specific tensides without absorption above 288 nm.Excelle...

Quartz Microplates, Hellma®

Quartz glass microplates with 96 wellsOutside dimensions 14.5 × 127 × 85.5 mm, bottom synthetic quartz glass 2 mm, well diameter 6.6 mm, well depth 12.5 mm, well volume 300 µl

Optical Immersion Probes for UV/VIS/NIR Spectroscopy, Hellma®

For analyzing the quality and quantity of a product and to determine chemical and physical values, you need to take samples and measure them in a spectrophotometer. Using an optical immersion probe for laboratory applications makes this process much ...

Secondary Calibration Standards for Spectrophotometers, Hellma®

Certified UV/Vis calibration standards for spectrophotometersTo supply accurate results over the long run, spectrophotometers need to be calibrated in regular intervals. To this end, the Hellma Analytics calibration lab certified pursuant to DIN EN I...

Calibration Standard for Microplate Readers, Hellma®

With calibration standards from Hellma Analytics, the photometric and wavelength accuracy of microplate readers can be checked. They have the same dimensions as a microplate with 96 wells and a diameter of 6.6 mm per window (height 14.5 x width 125 x...

Micro Volume Analysis, Hellma®

Fibre-optical ultra micro measuring cell for sample volumes of 0.7 µl to 10 µl.Flexible and user-friendly solution for the analysis of very small sample volumes as an accessory for almost all standard photometers.Typical applications:DNA/RNA nuclei...