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Recirculating Fume Cupboards, ENVAIR

The design and testing of the ENVAIR eco Chem is subject to European Standard EN 14175. The fume cupboard consists of a fire and chemicals resistant working tray enclosed by solid walls, a fold-open front screen, and a filter unit suited to the respe...

Microbiological Safety Cabinets, ENVAIR

Safety cabinets class II pursuant to DIN EN 12469Our microbiological safety cabinets of the ENVAIR eco safe series comply with the requirements of the European Standard EN 12469:2000 and with all the mandatory quality features specified by the TÜV. ...

Product Protection Workbenches, ENVAIR

Horizontal and vertical product protection workbenches, class ISO 3The product protection Workbenches (Laminar Flow Workbenches) are available as vertical or horizontal models. An excellent product protection is achieved by a clean working area compl...

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinets, ENVAIR

The cytotoxic safety cabinet ENVAIR eco safe Plus belongs to the latest generation of vertical laminar flow systems. It meets the requirements of EN-12469:2000 and of DIN 12980-2016.By reason of its design (3-filter technology), this cabinet is ideal...

Isolators, ENVAIR

In addition to a portfolio of standard isolators, ENVAIR also offers isolators tailored to the customer's needs. All isolators are made of stainless steel or plastic and generate a defined atmosphere in their interior for processing sensitive or noxi...