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Cooled Incubators, Panasonic Biomedical

Suitable for a wide range of applications – from drinking water tests to the examination of insects. Panasonic cooled incubators offer precise, reproducible control of the programmable temperature setting and lighting patterns which are indispe...

CO2 Incubators, Panasonic Biomedical

Certified as a Class IIa medical product (93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EU) for medical purposes for the storage of cells, tissue, organs, and embryos. Features: inCu-saFe® interior. Patented DHA direct heating and air jacket system: highly precise temperat...

Large Scale Cell Culture CO2 Incubator, Panasonic Biomedical

Perfect for cultivating large volumes of patients' samples, for carrying out short-term studies, and for working with large-volume cell culture units.Features: inCu-saFe® interior, including air baffles and shelves, infrared (IR) CO2 sensor with P.I...

Plant Grow Chamber, Panasonic Biomedical

Versatile plant growth chamber for optimal climate control, suits a wide range of applications. The wide variety of temperatures and lighting patterns that are required for the research and testing of a number of different plants and insects can now ...

Ultra Low Freezer (-86°C), Panasonic Biomedical

Cascade system with Cool Safe® compressors for optimum and efficient operation under demanding laboratory conditions; fast temperature recovery after opening the doors and putting in/storing samples. With a volume of 845 litres, it provides maximum ...

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-86°C), Panasonic Biomedical

Thanks to the Panasonic V.I.P. PLUS vacuum insulation panels, the wall thickness is reduced to almost half, resulting in up to 30% more storage capacity than a conventional insulated ultra low temperature freezer. The storage capacity is maximised. A...

TwinGuard ULT-/ Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezers (-86°C), Panasonic Biomedical

Maximum sample security for critical and valuable substances thanks to the TwinGuard double cooling system with two independent cooling systems and CoolSafe compressors. Should one system fail, the other is able to keep the chest freezer at -70 °C. ...

Cryogenic Freezers, Panasonic Biomedical

A safe, reliable low-cost alternative to the stable long-term storage of biological materials in liquid nitrogen. All Panasonic Cryogenic Freezers are available with external water cooling as an option.

Cryogenic-Freezer (-150°C), Panasonic Biomedical

A -150°C Cryogenic-Freezer (128 litres) with LN2 backup/emergency cooling system and (folded-sheet) temperature recorder. A reliable and safe alternative to the stable long-term storage of biological material in liquid nitrogen. All Panasonic Cryoge...